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Healthcare Professionals

We are praised by external health and social care professionals – the PCT, Consultant Psychiatrist and G.Ps for our positive approach towards using non-pharmacological means as a first line to modify behaviours.  We use very little anti-psychotic medications and our nursing staff are proactive in requesting a G.P to stop medication when it is no longer required or considered effective. 

Each of our homes is supported by professionals working alongside our in-house teams to ensure residents receive the best possible care and treatment available.

We access services in the local community and where this is not possible will 'fight' to bring services into the home, so residents can receive the necessary treatment they require.

Doctors and senior consultants, dentists, opticians, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, specialist community nurses, psychiatric nurses and advisors are just some of the professionals who visit regularly to support our own teams, working in the home.

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