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Monarch Healthcare sponsors Stanton Ilkeston FC

We were recently approached by a football club local to our Ilkeston Care Home, Stanton Ilkeston FC, and were asked to become the sponsors of their brand new U10s boys team.

We are over the moon to support not only a local grass roots club, but also the younger generation to live their dream and for their aspirations to become a reality. Monarch Healthcare are honoured to have been considered to become sponsors for the team and hearing the story of how the team began made us even more driven to support. We recognise the importance of community and partnership developments and are excited to see how the team develop and wish them all the best in their new journey and the upcoming season.

What the Stanton Scorpions said:

Firstly, I just want to say on behalf of not only the team coaches, but also the players themselves, the biggest of thank yous’ for your kind generosity. We recognise in the current climate it is difficult for everyone, even businesses, and your support to us means more than just a kit.

The team is newly formed with all of the players never playing in a team before, wanting to join teams for some time but unfortunately no teams due to lack of managers/coaches availability. As parents we saw how disheartened they were when they heard there wouldn’t be a team for them. We decided we needed to do something, so stepping up (not realising the extent of the commitments and expectations) and taking it on. The biggest hurdle for us wasn’t the players, they have the passion and love for the game, it was funding the team kit. We had made a promise there would be a team so we had to find a way. Shooting our shot, we contacted Monarch Healthcare’s Director and explained the situation, with no hesitation ‘Yes, I can do that for you’, was the response we got. AMAZING!!!

When the boys were told we had found a sponsor and they would be getting a brand new kit, they were thrilled, jumping for joy, eyes and mouth wide open and some very high pitched screams of excitement. Thank you a million times over and for giving us our coat of arms. We will wear your name with Pride.