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Our Philosophy

Philosophy of Care

At Monarch Healthcare everything we do is driven by the abilities, needs and aspirations of the people we care about and for.


5* Principles


1.  Promoting optimum health and well being with personalised support plans to provide the best care and treatment possible.


2.  Providing services of the highest comfort and safety, working with key professionals to promote fair access and value for money.


3.  Creating opportunities for residents to express their individuality, views and wishes through direct contact or advocacy.

4.  Valuing input from families and friends; working to preserve strong ties with treasured people, places and memories.

5.  Facilitating independence through inclusion and offering choice in all aspects of a person’s life. 

                 . . . . . Enabling each individual to exercise control and live life as the person they have always been.

 Above all what makes our residents feel more alive and better about themselves is being valued, being respected, being spoken to, being given understanding during difficult times, being shown kindness and interest, being given a little ‘fuss’ and attention.

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