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Another wish comes true

Dennis Wightman who is a resident at Kingfisher Court  had a wish to go to football match. Dennis is a big fan of Forest and hasn't missed a televised match. On 8th April 2014 at 18:30 Dennis went to see Forest V Sheffield at the Forest ground assisted by 2 staff members Charlotte and Amber. Dennis was in awe when he entered the football ground, he couldn't believe that he was in the Forest stadium. Dennis was giggling at the crowd as they booed the opponent team but was happy and cheering his team with other fans as they chanted 'Come on you reds'. Like every fan he was disheartened his beloved team was losing 2- 1 before half time and then 3-1. Dennis' mood lifted as the score became 3-2, he was elated as Forest equalized @ 87 minutes making the final score 3-3.

At Kingfisher Court we have a wishing tree for our residents. We strive to make as many wishes come true as possible.  We have made lots of wishes come true e.g. pink bedroom, big birthday party, going to Lincoln their home town and many more............      

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