our care homes

Visits from family and friends from outside the care home are important to the well being of all residents - not just the person you are coming to see.

Whether you are a professional providing services to individual residents or visiting mum of an evening, weekend or special occasion, the more people who step over our front doors, the greater the stimulation for people living at the home and the more pride they take in themselves and in their home environments.

Many of our homes are running small cafes, shops and bistros, with residents and staff working together to make them a success; to welcome visitors and encourage people to join in.

Staying in touch is so important to older people - they live for the days their families visit and they love to hear your news and to be a part of your life.

We encourage close relatives to continue with the level of care for their loved one that they are comfortable with, and our staff are always on hand to support them.  If you want to visit everyday and stay all day - that is fine with us. Equally, we understand people have busy lives and it is not always possible to visit as much as you might choose - We will still be here and will be ready to fill you in on all the news when you can drop by - or maybe give us a phone call.

Technology is a wonderful friend for people living in care homes, particularly when families are living in other parts of the country or over seas.  Skype and other communication aids are available for all our residents, so if you would like to set up a video call or just a straight forward phone call, let us know and we will be more than happy to help.

Keeping in touch is easy - email us your photos and we will show them to your relative through electronic notebooks.  We can also email you photos back of what they are getting up to! 

"Never be a stranger - However difficult it might seem at first, we are always here to help"

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